Annual Super Ethan’s Steps

How Super Ethan’s Steps Began

The idea of creating an organization which helps children and their families affected by Childhood Cancer came about as part of our reaction to our own son’s Leukemia diagnosis on January 7th, 2014. Following the initial shock and devastation of this news, we made a promise to ourselves and Ethan that we would do whatever it took to create positive memories for our little family out of the enormity of such a dark situation. We quickly realized how intense and draining cancer treatments on a child would be, for Ethan (who was barely 2 years old at the time) and us as his parents. We also began to understand how little attention is given to Childhood Cancer but how much awareness it needs – for the children, their families and the amazing teams of Doctors, Nurses, Child Life Specialists and many other hospital staff who are always there. We decided in those moments, those times of tears and exhaustion, that we would contribute all that we could to the Childhood Cancer community as our way of giving back and saying thank you.