2020 6th Annual “Virtual” Super Ethan’s Steps

Thank you 💛 to everyone who donated or contributed in some way to this year’s virtual event. To everyone who participated virtually and wore their Super Ethan’s Steps gear on September 27th. To everyone who has been a helping hand in helping us raise awareness for Childhood Cancer. To everyone who has asked us questions, offered their support, sent us messages or photos of their participation on September 27th. To everyone who has ever been a part in some way with Super Ethan’s Steps. To all of the children touched by Childhood Cancer and their families, whom we have had the privilege of meeting on this journey of ours. To every single individual of Ethan’s ‘team’ – inside and outside of a hospital – who has sat with us, listened to us and reassured us that we would be okay. To Ethan…for being the incredible blessing that you are. We got this. Thank you 💛

Together we raised over $8,000 for the Pediatric Oncology Unit at Windsor Regional Hospital! These proceeds will once again help children and families affected by Childhood Cancer in Windsor-Essex County by providing them with some extra comfort, care and smiles while in hospital and travelling for treatments and illnesses. Thank you for helping us do this for such brave children fighting such big battles.