WRH Paediatric Oncology Unit- Beads of Courage Program

September is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month 🎗 We have spent the last few weeks trying our best to bring awareness to this terrible disease, to the children and families it affects and what you can do to help this very important cause.

We have spent the last few weeks highlighting the Fight Like Mason Foundation and everything they do to help these children as well. Whether through incredibly vital research for the betterment of these children or their kid-friendly medical equipment, such as their super awesome IV poles, it means so much to us to bring as much attention to Mase and the Foundation his amazing parents created in his honour as we can 👍

We have spent the last few weeks promoting this Super Ethan’s Steps event on Sunday morning and how the money raised will benefit numerous children fighting battles like our E has. Even in post-treatment, his battle continues and there are no words to describe how much we want to get rid of cancer so that no other children have to go through something like he has. He, Mason and every other child deserve more than 4% 💛

We ask that you take a few moments to watch the link below which brings attention to an amazing program called “Beads of Courage” at the Windsor Regional Hospital Paediatric Oncology Unit – our recipient of last year’s Super Ethan’s Steps. All of the children are from the Windsor-Essex area and they are all brave, brave souls 💛

Thank you to everyone who has taken the time to donate, participate or help raise awareness for this event. We will post all information about the event tomorrow morning. It’s shaping up to be a beautiful day ☀️


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