Children & Family Centred Programs @ The Hospice of Windsor-Essex County

Our family is incredibly excited to donate ALL PROCEEDS from this year’s Super Ethan’s Steps to the Children & Family Centred Programs at The Hospice.

Following Ethan’s diagnosis and first 10 months of intense treatments, we had to find ways to not only adjust to the normalcy of what living with Childhood Cancer had become, but also how to navigate through the constant murky waters of all that it brought for our child. Ethan was barely a toddler, having to endure treatments, appointmets and procedures that no child should ever have to.

We also had to try and make some sense of all of this for him at such a young age…and that is when we discovered The Hospice. Through other families whose child was receiving cancer treatment at Pediatric Oncology Unit in Windsor, we were pointed in the direction of The Hospice and have been so grateful ever since.

Through their programs and activities, Ethan – and many other children, their siblings and family members affected by Childhood Cancer – have received such incredible supports. The staff and volunteers at The Hospice not only helped Ethan through an incredibly challenging few years; they taught him the tools to get through it with a smile on his face and having fun at the same time.

Whether it is Kids Kicking Cancer, Lego Club, Children and Siblings Support Groups or Family Movie Nights, these programs and the many others The Hospice provides rely on the support of the community to function. They are FREE OF CHARGE to patients – another incredible assistance to families affected by severe illnesses who already have a great deal to worry anout.

Please click on the link below to learn more about these amazing programs and what The Hospice provides.

If you are interested in donating to this amazing organization or have any questions, please contact us!

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