September 1st – Childhood Cancer Awareness Month

September is upon us and so Childhood Cancer Awareness Month. The month where we try and bring even more awareness to the courageous children affected by Cancer đź’›

These kids are beyond superheroes in our eyes. Watching a children go through the treatments, side effects, illnesses, tough conversations and long-term effects of treatments can only make you shift your perspective on life. These children teach the true meaning of resiliency, courage and heart.

Please take a few moments to read these superheroes’ stories and the statistics which they face. It is extremely difficult to understand how children battling cancer are only given 4% of government funding for ALL Childhood Cancers (16 types of cancer). Yet, cancer takes the life of more children than all other diseases combined.

Awareness is how we start change. We hope with Super Ethan’s Steps that we can bring even a spark of awareness for these children, especially in the Windsor-Essex community. We hope to shine a light on what they go through everyday and the programs within our community that help them and their families get through such a long and exhausting storm.
We hope you will join us throughout the month and on September 30th đź’›

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